5 Easy Skin Care Tips to Prepare You this Holiday
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Holidays are a great way to relax and unwind, try new things and spend time with loved ones. We find ourselves in new and exciting places and want to experience as much as we can fit in. All this sounds great, but what about the effects it can have on our skin?

Staying up late can lead to tired, swollen eyes and a bad diet can cause breakouts and puffy skin. Too much sun can lead to sun burn and even tanning can cause skin to dry out and age prematurely.


You should never neglect your normal skin care routine on holiday and it is a good idea to introduce extra steps. The best skin care products for holidays are those that offer good moisture and sun protection.

Below are 5 tips to help you prepare for your holiday and stay looking great while you are there.

1. Prepare your body for the beach

If you’re planning for an island getaway this holiday, then, it’s time to prepare your body for the beach! Today’s fad diets, along with a lack of exercise and hormonal changes, can lead to cellulite, which can be an embarrassing problem to most women.

If you don’t have time nor budget to go for an aesthetic treatment such as radiofrequency technology to reduce cellulite, then, consider using a slimming cream such as Slim Contour Cream.

The Slim Contour Cream is a face and body treatment that reduces fat, firms tissue and evens out the “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” skin texture commonly known as cellulite. It is made from red seaweed, a scientifically proven anti-cellulite ingredient that increases the breakdown of fat and blocks fat production which helps to contour and slim the body.

Slim Contour Cream also tightens facial contour by controlling fat production, which reduces sagging skin. This effective beauty product also contains caffeine (a natural antioxidant and slimming formula) and Ivy (a plant extract with anti-inflammatory and anti-cellulite effects in body slimming and anti-cellulite treatment).

Used regularly as part of your beauty regime, this cream helps to give your skin a more youthful, toned appearance that makes you feel confident enough to wear that bikini.

2. Protect your skin against the sun for all season

Using sunscreen is a must even if you’ll celebrate the holidays in cold, winter areas as snow and ice reflects UV radiation! Whatever season you’ll be in this holiday – ice cold, rainy or sunny -, you’ll still need to use an effective sunscreen to block strong UV rays that penetrates deeply in the skin leading to aging.

The Oil Free Sun Protection SPF 30 helps to combat premature aging, caused by too much sun exposure. This sunscreen has broad spectrum protection which protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays but does not congest the skin like many sunscreens can.

It is oil-free and has high concentrations of actives and natural emollients, which shield the skin. It also contains active antioxidants and vitamin rich hydration, which fight free radicals and nourish the skin. Oil Free Sun Protection SPF 30 also helps protect against cellular damage from within.

It can be used on all skin types and is an excellent way to ensure you protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays.

Another of Dr Sylvia Skin Care’s products to help protect you from the sun, is the Sun Screen Spray SPF 29. It is very quick to apply, offers wide coverage and leaves an almost transparent coating once applied. The Titanium Dioxide’s high refractive index helps to deflect and scatter light particle over a larger surface area, increasing the absorption capabilities as well as increasing sun protection.

3. Cleanse your skin daily

It is easy to abandon your skin care routine when on holiday but it is very important not to do so. A good cleanser should always be used such as the Vitamin A Cleanser which is a refreshing daily cleanser suitable for all skin types, especially dry and mature skin.

It removes surface residue and protects you against free radical damage. It contains two potent anti-oxidant ingredients, Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, which help to strengthen the cellular matrix. The skin receives nourishment from surface-reducing lipids and essential oils. It also smells lovely, thanks to the anti-microbial clove and cinnamon.

This should form part of your daily skin care routine, even on holidays where you are travelling from place to place.

4. Moisturize your skin

Keeping your skin well hydrated is always important, never more so than when you are in a hot and humid country such as Singapore! Travelling can also take its toll on your skin and a good moisturizer is essential.

The Botanical Hydration Gel is a unique light moisturizer rich in botanical extracts and nourishing vitamins A, C and E. This beauty product is also the best moisturizer for oily skin and acne prone skin as it doesn’t clog pores with it’s non-comedogenic properties. Individuals with combination skin will also love the hydration this gel offers, as well as the purifying, therapeutic essential oils of tea tree and lavender which combat bacteria. Your skin will feel hydrated and smooth, even in the most extreme of conditions.

It absorbs without a trace, making it a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like a thick, sticky cream. It also contains liquorice root extract, which helps to decrease skin inflammation caused by acne breakouts.

Those with highly sensitive and easily irritated skin will benefit using Ultra Sensitive Moisturizer, a ph-balanced, color-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free moisturizer formulated to calm and repair the skin. Ultra Sensitive Moisturizer is also well-known as the best moisturizer for sensitive skin.

5. Look after your eyes

We always want to look refreshed and glowing especially in meeting family and friends during holiday dinners and gathering. And having eye wrinkles and dark eye circles often give a tired, older look which fortunately, can be treated by using the best anti aging serums!

The eye area is very thin and it can be overstretched by frequent smiling or frowning, leading to eye wrinkles. Try using clinically-proven anti aging cream or serum such as ELASTIfirm Eye Serum, an effective eye treatment that reduces deep wrinkles and restores elasticity in the eye area within 8 weeks!

On the other hand, dark eye circles that often accompany aging (yes, another holiday also means additional year), constant travelling and late night holiday shopping can be prevented with the use of the Dark Circles No More serum. This revitalizing eye serum targets the main cause of dark under eyes which is: 1) the accumulation of melanin (pigmentation) and 2) dilated blood vessels, which release heme (blood) accumulation below the eye area giving the purple, dark discoloration under the eyes.

Dark Circles No More is formulated with Shadownyl, a scientifically proven ingredient that provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation benefits, lightening dark circles and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum significantly lightens dark circles after 2 weeks of use and it helps with your anti-aging skin care routine.

These beauty products are travel-friendly and comes in a compact size which can be easily transported in your handbag, giving you no excuse to neglect your eyes on holiday.

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