6 Facts About Cellulite You Need to Know
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Nearly every woman has cellulite to some degree. Some men even have it too. This dimpled, lumpy appearance on the thighs, hips, and buttocks is a very common condition that many people have, but most don’t know how to treat. 

Dr-Sylvia-Skin-Care-Cellu(e)raseOutside of diet and exercise to reduce the amount of fat in these areas, there are few treatment options. This includes skin products formulated with caffeine, a stimulant that boosts circulation and lowers water retention with can help smooth the look of cellulite. 

Learn more about cellulite and how caffeine-rich skin care products can help improve skin.

Top Facts About Cellulite

  1. Cellulite is not fat. Despite this common misconception, cellulite is not actually fat but is associated with fat. Instead, cellulite occurs when fat becomes divided into small pockets in the skin.
  2. Cellulite can occur nearly anywhere. While most people think cellulite only occurs on the thighs, hips, and buttocks, that’s not entirely true. While these are the most common areas, cellulite can also develop on the abdomen, upper arms, and breasts. 
  3. Cellulite is not caused by toxins. Detoxifying your body can be healthy, but will not get rid of your cellulite as this skin condition is not caused by toxins. It is, however, affected by other things like lack of exercise, poor circulation, and certain hormones.
  4. Cellulite is more common in women. This is because female skin collagen is arranged in parallel rows allowing fat to slip through into the tissue, while male collagen is arranged in an X-pattern that does not allow for dimpling of the skin.
  5. Cellulite is not harmful to your health. While many people get treatment for their cellulite because they don’t like the way it looks, it is not actually harmful to your health. 
  6. Cellulite can affect people of any age. Young and old, people of all ages can succumb to cellulite. However, it is more common in older people as the skin begins to break down due to sun damage and other environmental factors.
  7. Cellulite can also affect skinny and athletic individuals. Yes, even skinny and athletic women can still have cellulite. It’s not because their exercise routine is not working out. The reason is more on genetics and their body’s predisposition to cellulite.

Impact of Caffeine on Skin

Caffeinated creams and scrubs have become popular lately due to their effects on cellulite. How exactly do they work? Well, caffeine has the ability to dehydrate fat cells, making cellulite appear less obvious by drawing out excess water. Caffeine also boosts circulation in the body and moisturizes skin for a smoother skin appearance.

Cellu(e)rase is a new addition to the Dr. Sylvia Skin Care. The contouring gel is formulated with caffeine to reduce the look of cellulite and slim the hips, legs, and thighs. The formula contains other moisturizing ingredients like aloe leaf and seaweed to help fight dryness and revitalize skin. 

Learn More About Cellu(e)rase

When used in combination with Acoustic Shockwave treatments like the Zimmer Z Wave or BTL X Wave, Cellu(e)rase with Caffeine can be even more effective in reducing cellulite and giving you smoother skin.

Acoustic Shockwave is a clinically proven treatment that uses vibrations to breakup the fat and tissue buildup underneath the skin. It’s a quick, simple and non-invasive procedure so you can go back to your normal activities after your session.

To find out if the product and treatments mentioned is suitable for you, contact Cutis Laser Clinics today and schedule your body assessment with our Harvard-trained aesthetic doctor, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez

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