6 Simple Tips to Remove Makeup without Drying Your Skin

Tips to Remove Makeup

When you’ve had a busy day and especially at the end of a late night, removing your makeup seems like an unnecessary chore.  However, removing makeup should be an essential part of your skin care routine because makeup, if left overnight on your skin, can cause a breakout, irritation and eye infection.

An effective makeup remover should take its place before your cleanser.  After all, you always have time to put your makeup on, so why not take it off again?  The trouble is, sometimes makeup removers can be harsh on your skin and dry it out.  You especially don’t want to use harsh products to remove eye makeup, as the area around your eyes is particularly sensitive.

Here are 6 simple ways to gently remove makeup without drying your skin, which you may not have thought of!


By leaning over a bowlful of hot water (not boiling) for a few minutes, can help to remove your makeup. The steam from the hot water can unclog your pores so that your regular face cleanser can easily remove the rest of the makeup. Although cost-free, this process will take a while and you would much rather have a quick and easy bedtime routine.

Baby Oil

Although baby oil is very gentle on the skin and can remove makeup, it is also prone to leave a greasy residue which not everyone is a fan. A little baby oil does go a long way and if you don’t mind the texture then it is an effective makeup remover.


Blend a cucumber into a paste and add a little olive oil.  It soothes your skin as you apply it, as well as it gently removes makeup.  Only use this if you don’t mind smearing homemade cucumber paste all over your face.


If you mix milk with a drop or two of sweet almond oil, you will have a very effective homemade makeup remover.  You can apply it with a cotton wool pad, just the same as a regular makeup remover, and then rinse your face afterwards. It is an inexpensive method but be careful not to use milk that has gone past its expiration date.

However, if you’re not a fan of these remedies, why not use the best makeup remover method and stick to a clinically proven, recommended product?

Use Ultra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

This beautiful product from Dr Sylvia Skin Care in Singapore is a light, oil and alcohol free makeup remover.  It gently dissolves even the most stubborn of water resistant mascara, easily and quickly.  You don’t need to rub hard, so you won’t risk damaging the sensitive skin around your eye area.

This really is a fantastic eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes, as it is pH balanced and fragrance free.  The mild formula won’t irritate even the most sensitive of skins and it leaves no sticky, oily residue.  It doesn’t dry out your skin but instead leaves it feeling clean, fresh and radiant.

Simply pour a small amount onto a cotton pad and gently cleanse the eye area.  Rinse your eyes with warm water and pat dry.  Be careful not to rub or tug at your skin.

Try Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Milk

Another great product from Dr Sylvia Skin Care is this ultra sensitive cleansing milk, which has been specially formulated for sensitive or irritated skin.  This lovely facial cleanser won’t dry your skin out like some other cleansers can and is also suitable as a post-peel or post-operative cleanser.

This facial cleanser contains Arnica, which reduces the appearance of inflammation and irritation in the skin, as well as encourages healthy cellular regeneration.  The inclusion of Vitamin K helps to minimize the appearance of broken capillaries and discoloration and the Gluconolactone, an ingredient for sensitive skin, improves the texture and appearance of visibly irritated skin.

To apply this simple face wash, gently massage a small amount onto your face and neck, using clean hands.  Rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry, before then applying an appropriate toner.

Be sure to remove your makeup every night before you go to bed, to give your skin the chance to breath and recover as you sleep.  This is the time when your body best heals itself, including your skin, so make sure you don’t forget this important step in your bedtime routine.  Always follow it up with a good toner, eye treatment and anti aging treatment ending with your favorite moisturizer, to ensure the best possible results.

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