Does Your Skincare Routine Match Your Age?
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With so many skin care products in the market claiming as many (sometimes impossible) results, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choices and yet be left with not even a satisfactory outcome.

Skincare doesn’t have to be rocket science if you know a few good basics, but it pays to understand the science behind the most common skincare routines.

When in your 20’s img3

Sunscreen is never too early to start. In fact, the earlier you start using it, the more you are going to save your skin from years of aging down the road, especially if you protect the areas that are most susceptible to sun damage – face, chest, neck and hands.

Create a solid skincare routine you can stick to for a long time that addresses what your skin needs at this point. Start with cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and add any new product to this regimen only one at a time. Antioxidants, like sunscreen, are never too early to use. Put them on before you put sunscreen and moisturizer in the morning, and at night, put on an antioxidant serum that works on the deeper layers of the skin.

Use skin care products that work best for your skin type; otherwise, allergic reactions will just cancel out the supposed benefits you should derive from them. Dr. Sylvia Skin Care has a range of cleansers that work for a variety of skin types: Purifying Aza Cleanser for oily or acne-prone skin, Dermal Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera and Salicylic Acid for dry skin, and Gentle Foaming Wash with Chamomile and Green Tea for sensitive to normal skin.

Before going out, apply Dr. Sylvia’s Oil Free Sun Protection SPF 30 underneath Advanced B5 Hydration, an excellent moisturizer for all mature skin types, or Clarifying Moisturizer if you are acne-prone. Then reapply Sunscreen Spray SPF29 every two hours, even on an overcast day, as UV rays are not all filtered by the clouds.

At night, slather an anti-oxidant rich superserum like Vitamin C, B and E Serum with Ferulic Acid not only to provide additional hydration but to combat oxidative stress that causes wrinkles and other aging skin concerns (like age spots from sun damage). Vitamin C, B and E Serum is one of the most potent anti aging wonders in a bottle from Dr. Sylvia Skin Care developed by a leading anti-aging specialist in Singapore, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez.

Only fix problems as they arise, especially when it comes to wrinkles. If you don’t see any, don’t get started on any injectable just yet. Hold off on getting Botox or dermal fillers, and you may have very little need for them at all.

When in your 30’s

This is the time to take preventive action on wrinkles that are starting to form, as this is also the age when we start showing signs of aging. If you get forehead wrinkles treatment with Botox at this time when your forehead is starting to furrow, you may see fewer lines in there in the years to come because Botox prevents muscles from creasing, which eventually leads to deep lines. By minimizing the formation of deep lines, you may need little dermal fillers in the future, if at all.

If deep lines that Botox cannot address are starting to creep up, use a potent collagen treatment that is specifically formulated as a natural alternative to lipofilling deep lines such as the nasolabial folds.

Needles No More is a super serum from Dr. Sylvia Skin Care line of anti aging treatment that has been clinically proven to restore volume in the cheeks and reduce wrinkle depth by up to 26.5% after only one month of treatment. As a prominent aesthetic doctor in Singapore, Dr. Ramirez provides evidence-based products and services that have high safety and efficacy profile to give her patients ‘confident beauty through science.’

When you’re over 40

Volume loss at this age is not only due to collagen loss, but could also be structural degeneration of bones and tissues that create the support framework for collagen. If you’re seeing early signs of deep lines, as you are likely to do in your 40s or 50s, a few injections of hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, once or twice a year can slow down the sagging.

Remember, however, that one size doesn’t fit all in this category. Do you really need cheek fillers at the first sign of sunken cheeks? Talk to a skin care specialist to see how much (or little) correction and maintenance you need to address the sagging.

If you decide to skip the needle for now and go for non surgical wrinkle treatment, Dr. Sylvia Skin Care offers a wide-range of medical-grade mature skin treatment in a bottle. One of the most revolutionary is the Fibroblast Growth Factor Serum with Plant Stem Cells if you aim to look 10 years younger in 42 days. Clinically tested and proven to boost skin density, texture and firmness, Fibroblast Growth Factor contains plant stem cells of Swiss Apple, Gotu Kola and Gardenia, ingredients that work synergistically to delay age-related degradation of collagen, and to reactivate dermal activity to produce more collagen.

Going the non-invasive lifting and tightening route opens you up to more treatment options. Infrared light technology such as Titan gently heats the dermis to stimulate collagen growth that will give you tighter and more toned skin without sacrificing downtime.

Using pulsed infrared light, Titan by Cutera heats the dermis, causing the collagen to contract. This contraction lifts the skin surface while promoting new collagen growth, which leads to more skin tightening over time. While popular as a ‘non surgical facelift,’ Titan doesn’t just work on the face, but also on the arms, neck, stomach and other areas of stubborn fat.

Non-invasive ultrasound therapy like Ulthera also triggers the body’s own collagen-making process by heating the tissue deep beneath the skin using ultrasound. It’s FDA-approved to lift, tone and tighten the skin on the eyebrow area, chin, neck and décolletage.

Over 60?

Don’t feel like you’ve missed the skin rejuvenation boat if you’re just starting at this age. Titan, Ulthera, Botox and dermal fillers can still work wonders on your skin with more time and more treatments. You can’t expect your skin to bounce back immediately after getting these treatments because of the natural ageing process that your skin is subject to; you can, however, expect to see good results even at this age if you are patient and diligent with your skincare routine.

In your younger years, you can expect to see the effects of a new skincare habit or product in as early as 1 month, but at this stage, you will need to give it 3 months or more for anything new to work.

But if you wish for a quick, mini facelift with subtle results, Silhouette Soft works wonders. It’s a thread lift procedure that uses absorbable sutures inserted into the skin so the doctor can lift sagging skin and give you immediate results. The sutures themselves start an inflammatory response that triggers production of collagen. Over time, the lifting results you see are more noticeable yet natural-looking, giving you a youthful appearance without anyone knowing you had ‘work’ done.

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