Evidence-based Products that Cares for Your Eyes
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The skin on the eyes are thinner than other areas of the face so it’s prone to wrinkles, sagging and volume loss. Everything slowly move downwards as collagen, elastin and volume decrease.

Besides from wrinkles, pigmentation is also very evident because of accumulated sun damage, hormonal changes and leakage from fine blood vessels. This discoloration when combined with volume loss results in under-eye circles becoming more prominent.

To prevent and address these skin problems, every skin care routine (especially for mature skin types) should always include effective eye care products. Moreover, a product can be proven effective once it’s ingredients are tested through clinical studies done in controlled laboratories and tested with different individuals of specific skin types to show the results or evidences of its effectiveness. img4

Wrinkle-Fighting Ingredients

Formulated with clinically-proven ingredients such as Argireline and Syn-coll, ELASTIfirm Eye Cream can effectively protect your eye area from dryness, environmental damage and loss of vitality caused by aging.

Argireline is a peptide (two or more amino acids that send signals to our cells to let them know how to function) that address age-related skin concerns. Argireline is a kind of peptide that helps to relax the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. It works in a similar fashion as Botox to reduce wrinkles caused by muscle contraction.

In clinical studies, Argireline showed a reduction of wrinkle depth by 17% after 15 days. It also decreased the depth of a furrow by 32% reduction after 28 days with twice daily application.

On the other hand, Syn-coll is a kind of peptide that boost collagen to reduce any type of wrinkles. Syn-coll showed 12% wrinkle reduction in Caucasian skin and 15% reduction for Asian skin according to clinical studies. Besides from reducing wrinkles, Syn-coll also reversed the appearance of photo-aging and reduced the size of the pores after 4 weeks.

Another product that helps to fight your wrinkles is ELASTIfirm Eye Serum with Sqisandryl. ELASTIfirm Eye Serum is an effective eye treatment that targets not only wrinkles but also reduces puffiness along the eye bags.

Sqisandryl is an extract from the fruit called five-flavor berries (Schisandra chinensis) and has be proven to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity. In clinical studies, Sqisandryl improves elasticity by 28% while improving firmness by 25% within 8 weeks. Additionally, Sqisandryl improved the skin’s resiliency or the capacity of the skin to return to its initial condition by 8%.

ELASTIfirm Eye Serum also contains Argireline which further boosts its wrinkle-fighting benefits to give your eyes a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance . Besides from effectively reducing wrinkles, it also provides anti-swelling properties, making it effective in reducing puffy eyebags.

Proven Dark-circle Lightener

Despite general opinions, dark circles beneath your eyes are not primarily due to tiredness and stress. One of the causes is fragile vessels under the eyes that leak fine blood vessels or hemoglobin (HO-1).

As hemoglobin breaks down, pigmented degradation product such as heme accumulates in the dermis and epidermis. The purple stain that shows through the skin and leads to the formation of the dark circles around the eyes.

Formulated with Shadownyl and Haloxyl, Dark Circle No More is a proven eye treatment that removes the accumulation of free heme which minimizes the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Dark Circle No More boosts the elimination of pigments due to blood leakage such as heme responsible for dark circle colour and local inflammation. At the same time, it rejuvenates the eye contour area: enhances skin firmness and reduces the appearance of dark circles.

Shadownyl is a sea vegetable extract that stimulates hemoglobin. In clinical studies, Shadownyl showed 18% significantly lightens dark circles within 2 weeks. It also decreased the appearance of wrinkles in the crow’s feet by 28% after a week.

Another active ingredient that provide anti-dark circle benefits is Haloxyl. Haloxyl reinforce firmness and dark tones of the eye area and activates the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark circle color and local inflammation. Haloxyl decreased the dark skin tones by 19% as shown in clinical studies.

In summary: Since the skin around the eyes are very fragile and prone to wrinkles, volume loss and pigmentation, it is necessary to use an effective eye products that are proven to address and correct the signs of aging. It is also important to do a careful research before buying any eye product. Stick to eye products that give evidence-based results and is suitable to your needs and concerns.

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