Fat Burning Slimming Cream for Face and Body
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Excess fat can cling to the face and body, making it difficult to achieve a desirable look. While diet and exercise are effective in slimming and toning the body, extra pockets of fat may remain.

For these hard-to-target areas, try Slim Contour Cream. Created by Dr. Sylvia Skin Care, a skin specialist in Singapore, this fat burning lotion aims to reduce excess fat, cellulite, and sagging skin. While you can’t change genetics, you can still get rid of stubborn fat without going under the knife.


What Causes Excess Fat?

Besides unhealthy eating or overeating, there are numerous other factors that can contribute to extra weight carried on the face and body. Poor sleep habits and certain sleep disorders can cause stress on your body. Over time, the skin may lose some elasticity causing it to appear saggy.

Some medications can also result in excess body fat on the face and body. This is especially common in steroid medications. Finally, having excess fat can cause the face to appear rounder in addition to a larger body.

How Do Slimming Creams Work?

If you want to slim and firm areas of your body, consider a quality fat loss cream. These powerful anti-cellulite products contain a combination of fat-burning ingredients designed to reduce excess fat in hard-to-target areas like the face, arms, legs, and abdomen.

The best firming cream for the face and body is Slim Contour Cream. This microcirculation-enhancing treatment helps reduce cellulite and excess adipose (fat storage) that may appear as uneven skin tone. In clinical studies, the fat burning lotion was proven to effectively tighten facial contours by reducing sagging skin and controlling fat production.

Slim Contour Cream contains a unique combination of ingredients that help burn fat and tighten excess skin. Slim-Excess™ is an active ingredient made from red seaweed that works to disrupt fat production activity to reduce the appearance of cellulite. In clinical studies, participants’ that used this red seaweed showed visible results after just four weeks of application.

The firming cream also contains ivy, a plant extract used for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cellulite effects for a slimmer appearance. Slim Contour Cream also contains caffeine, often found in tea, coffee, and cocoa, is an effective ingredient proven for its slimming benefits.

The body contouring cream is suitable for use on normal, mature, oily, and sensitive skin. To use, simply massage the cream onto the skin using vigorous upward strokes. The Dr. Sylvia Skin Care body firming cream is especially useful as a maintenance body treatment following CoolSculpting and TriLipo™ aesthetic procedures.

Everyone wants a slimmer face and a tighter body, but burning excess fat is not always easy. Fortunately, advancements in science have made it possible to slim and firm the skin with the help of a body firming lotion.

Slim Contour Cream can be purchased online or in Cutis Medical Laser Clinics.

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