Right Cleanser and Toner for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Best-Cleanser-and-Toner-for-Dry-and-Sensitive-SkinIf you have dry, sensitive skin, you know that most store bought products are not going to cut it. You need medical-grade products designed to gently hydrate and soothe your unique skin. The ideal sensitive skin products should nourish the skin deep under the surface for results that last.

For healthier skin that feels and looks beautiful, we recommend the Gentle Foaming Wash and Gentle Soothing Toner from the Dr. Sylvia Skin Care line. Not only are these products excellent for daily use, they are also great for use as a post-cleaner and toner following most laser and microdermabrasion procedures.

Gentle Foaming Wash

Begin your skin care routine with a premium cleanser. The Gentle Foaming Wash is a soap-free formula that works for all skin types. It is especially useful in individuals suffering from dry or sensitive skin.

Look at the ingredients and you’ll discover why the sensitive skin cleanser works so well on vulnerable skin types. Each bottle is infused with a soothing blend of powerful phytonutrients, such as bosweillia serrata, azulene, chamomile, green tea extract, and calendula. Together, these ingredients work to calm irritated skin and reduce visible redness.

The face wash for sensitive skin is recommended for sensitive skin, as well as normal and mature skin types. It’s also ideal for individuals who prefer foaming formulas over runny gels or creams.

Most importantly, the Gentle Foaming Wash will not strip your skin of vital moisture, ensuring it stays touchably smooth. Redness and irritation are common among dry skin sufferers, especially when dryness and sensitivity are chronic issues. Ingredients like bosweillia serrata, lavender, azulene, chamomile, and green tea are specifically designed to calm sensitive skin and soothe inflammation for fresher and healthier looking skin.

Gentle Soothing Toner

Some toners may have a bad rep, especially for people with dry and sensitive skin. However, the use of a gentle toner is essential for removing traces of dirt and grime left after cleansing. Toners are especially useful among individuals who regularly wear makeup or heavy skin care products like sunscreen.

The Gentle Soothing Toner by Dr. Sylvia Skin Care is our top choice of toner for sensitive skin. The skin toner is alcohol-free and formulated to remove any irritating impurities left behind after washing.

Using a toner can also help restore your skin’s natural pH balance which can be thrown off due to a number of factors. The Gentle Soothing Toner is infused with soothing ingredients such as azulene, calendula, chamomile, and boswellia serrata. These ingredients are designed to desensitize the skin while calming redness and inflammation.

Whether you’re dealing with flushing, blotchiness, acne rosacea, or a variety of other sensitive skin conditions, a soothing toner can help.

Skin can become irritated for a number of reasons, ranging from cold and dry weather to the use of harsh skin care products. However, the right cleanser and toner can make all the difference.

Make the Gentle Foaming Wash and Gentle Soothing Toner part of your daily skin care routine today and see the difference for yourself.

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