Safe Eye Cream for Dark Eye Circles
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Eye Cream for Dark Eye Circles

Lack of shut-eye isn’t always to blame for dark eye circles. For many men and women, those bluish rings can surround the eyes even after a full eight hours of sleep. Dark circles and eye bags are often contributed to increased pigmentation, oxidation from damaged blood vessels, or genetics.

If you’re tired of layering on concealer to hide your dark eye circles, try an eye cream. Dark Circles No More is a dynamic serum that addresses the two primary causes of dark circles in the eye area for a revitalized look.

What Does It Do?

Dark eye circles can be caused by a plethora of things, from seasonal allergies to the use of certain medications. Dark Circles No More aims to reduce the appearance of dark circles in the eye area by targeting the two most common causes.

This powerful eye cream for dark circles helps reduce the accumulation of melanin which builds up under the skin, causing it to take on a darkened appearance. It also helps repair dilated blood vessels which release heme, causing a dark shadow to form around the eye area.

How Does It Work?

Dark Circles No More eye serum contains a combination of potent ingredients that nourish and repair the skin. Active component Shadownyl offers anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory benefits which reduce darkness around the eyes while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful complexion.

The serum also contains Biophytex, a synergistic complex containing a yeast extract and botanical extracts that are rich in flavonoids and saponosides. This complex helps to strengthen capillaries and reactive microcirculation for skin that looks brighter.

What’s In It?

In addition to active ingredients like Shadownyl and Biophytex, Dark Circles No More also contains other ingredients that function to benefit the skin. Haloxyl is designed to increase the growth of keratinocytes. This reduces discoloration under the eyes.

The serum also contains Liftiss which offers moisturizing properties and creates an instant smoothing effect. In one clinical study more than 60 percent of volunteers experienced an improvement in cutaneous aspect and more than 67 percent felt a rapid lifting effect. Finally, you’ll find Unisooth EG-28 in this unique formula. This ingredient helps interrupt communication between the keratinocyte and immune cell to soothe and freshen skin.

How Do I Use It?

Using Dark Circles No More serum is simple and requires just minutes a day. Apply the serum directly to your face daily, morning and/or evening. The serum is recommended for daily use to brighten the skin around the eye area.

There are also other things you can do in combination with an eye cream for dark circles. Be sure to get enough sleep at night and eat healthy during the day.

If you’re circles are allergy-induced, talk to your doctor about taking an antihistamine to reduce your symptoms. To learn more about how to remove dark circles around the eyes, contact our skin specialist in Singapore Dr. Sylvia Ramirez at the Cutis Laser Clinics.

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