Slimming Cream for Cellulite
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Slimming Cream for Cellulite

Before heading to the beach this summer, give your skin a little TLC. Cellulite can plague our thighs, abdomen, and arms, leaving behind an unsightly dimpled effect.

Even skinny ladies can succumb to cellulite when connective tissue under the skin starts to weaken due to puberty, pregnancy, or aging. The good news is that you can diminish the look of cellulite and you don’t even need to undergo extensive treatments to do so. The right slimming cream can do wonders for your dimpled skin and bulges.

What Is Slim Contour Cream?

Slim Contour Cream is a powerful body firming lotion that addresses stubborn cellulite and associated uneven skin tone. This botanically derived face and body treatment contains botanical extracts, marine origin disaccharide, and natural caffeine which help target high levels of polyamines which are often found in cellulite.

Is Slim Contour Cream Effective?

Slim Contour Cream has been found to be a highly effective anti-cellulite product. In clinical studies, this firming cream successfully tightened facial contour by reducing sagging skin and controlling fat production to reduce double chin. Not only does it function as a toning cream for body and face, it also provides face and body contouring by improving tissue firmness and uneven skin tone.

What Active Ingredients Are In It?

This effective body firming cream contains several active ingredients that work together to help tighten and firm the skin while diminishing the look of cellulite. Slim-Excess is a type of red seaweed that hinders fat production which in turn decreases the look of cellulite. Slim-Excess was found to provide visible results in just four weeks in a clinical study. Another study found Slim-Excess to tighten facial contours after 4 weeks.

Slim Contour Cream also contains ivy, a plant extract commonly used for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Ivy has also been found to function as an anti-cellulite ingredient. Finally, this fat loss cream contains caffeine. Naturally found in tea, coffee, and cocoa, caffeine has been used for many years as a natural slimming agent. Caffeine can boost metabolic rate while simultaneously increasing fat burning.

How Do I Use Slim Contour Cream?

What first draws many people to Slim Contour Cream is its ability to be used at home. However, this medical-grade fat burning lotion is also easy to use and offers incredible results that you have to see to believe.

To use Slim Contour Cream, massage the product thoroughly onto cellulite-prone areas and excess adipose. When massaging, use upward strokes to ensure that the body cream is being fully absorbed by the skin. This topical product can also be used in combination with CoolSculpting, BTL Vanquish and Exilis to maximize and maintain your results.

If you’re struggling with cellulite, you’re not alone. This condition affects 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men. While prevention isn’t always possible, you can reduce the look of uneven, dimpled skin with a proven body contouring product like Slim Contour Cream by our skin specialist Dr. Sylvia Ramirez.

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