Top 3 Reasons Why Face Masks Are a Beauty Necessity
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Facial masks are a great way to address skin concerns that your daily skin care routine cannot, because face masks are allowed enough time to penetrate and work through your skin. They are also specifically formulated to address a particular skin concern, hence their higher efficacy compared to basic skin care products.
Applied once a week, facial masks can help you calm irritated skin, unclog pores for deep cleanse, and give your skin the nutrients it needs. Facial masks are highly relaxing too, so if you want to get two-fold benefits – a glowing skin and lower stress levels – in one application, facials masks are the way to go. woman

To soothe irritated skin

If your skin is naturally sensitive or rosacea-prone or simply needs calming, then a mask with chamomile can help reduce redness, relieve dryness, and heal inflamed skin. The Calming & Soothing Mask from Dr Sylvia Skin Care contains blue chamomile extract or azulene known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Azulene has been used in many botanical preparations that are used to heal dermatitis, allergies, acne and inflamed skin. Laser clinics in Singapore apply calming masks to skin that has just undergone exfoliation or laser treatment.

To deep-cleanse skin prone to clogging
Cleansing with soap not only leaves residues but also minerals that come from using tap water. When these impurities are trapped in pores prone to clogging, a breakout may ensue, especially if the skin is oily to start with.
Bentonite clay and kaolin clay are remarkable deep-cleansing agents that draw out toxins from deep within the skin. If your skin is acneic, Dr Sylvia’s Complete Purifying Mask also contains colloidal silver that has long been known to act as an anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent so acne inflammation or any type of congestion is reduced.
Developed by Dr Sylvia Ramirez, a prominent skin care specialist and scientific director of a highly trusted medical clinic in Singapore, the Complete Purifying Mask is a perfect addition to your skin care routine, especially if you would like to embark on Dr Sylvia Advanced Clear Skin Program.

To give skin its required nutrients

Very few of us can eat all of the nutrients that our body needs, let alone our skin. The good news: Mature skin responds well to both dietary and topical application of nutrients, so not only can you eat your way to glowing skin and take age management supplements, you can put them on your face too.
The Intense Nourishing Mask from Dr Sylvia Skin Care contains hyaluronic acid and CoenzymeQ10, as well as hydrolized DNA and other natural source anti-oxidants, to support cellular renewal, increase hydration, reduce pores, and encourage proper healing of new scars.
Consider putting on a face mask not just as part of your skin care routine, but also as a ritual before winding down every week as you give time to pamper yourself not just for external beauty but for your overall well-being that you radiate when you are stress-free.

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